"All your nominated submissions were rather strong.

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<p>but in the long run, Andrew's was strongest, " said Dr. John Holt, associate professor of English and Department Chair on the English and Foreign Terms Department. "Congratulations to all this student nominees, and thank you to the faculty who nominated all of them. "

Oakley, however, decided to donate the amount of money back to the Uk department of Centenary College. "I would like for making the donation as a thanks a ton to Centenary College pertaining to helping me ease back up student life after a hiatus of about one fourth of a century, " he said.

The Strickhausen Award for Excellence on paper was initiated by this English and Foreign Words Department in 2002 inside honor of Professor Emeritus Harry Strickhausen. It is presented annually to identify outstanding achievement in college student writing within an http://www.oakleyfield.com/ オークリー サングラス academic program. Faculty members are invited to nominate student writing submitted for just about any course each academic year. The submissions are judged by the panel from the Language and Foreign Language college, and the winner or perhaps winners are announced in the awards ceremony.